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Mosque Addas

Mosque named after Addas who was sent by son of Rabi’a, the slave owner, to offer bunch of grapes to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) surprised Addas by uttering "In the name of Allah" before consuming the grapes, a phrase Addas had never heard before. This intrigued Addas, prompting the Prophet to inquire about his background, to which Addas revealed he was from Nineveh. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recognized Nineveh as the land of Prophet Jonah, son of Matta.

Addas, a young Christian, was astonished that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) knew about Prophet Jonah. After learning of his Christian faith, Addas questioned the Prophet about his identity and knowledge. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) calmly responded, "Jonah is my brother. He was a prophet, and I am a prophet." Addas, deeply moved, became convinced of Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) prophethood. He kissed the Prophet's head and hands, then embraced Islam. Despite the challenges faced in Taif, Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) encounter with Addas resulted in the young man wholeheartedly accepting Islam after their conversation.

Grapes Garden

The historical site where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sought refuge after his expulsion from Taif and received fruits from Addas, a grape farmer, is situated on the opposite side of the mosque Addas. This sacred place, known as the orchard of Ataba and Shaybah.

Mosque Al Madhoun

The Qantara Mosque, also referred to as Al-Madhoun Mosque, stands as a modest place of worship situated in the Al-Mathnah neighborhood, with a history spanning approximately 162 years. Constructed during the Ottoman era, the mosque's design draws inspiration from Abbasid architectural influences, imparting a sense of ancient grandeur. The mosque maintains its traditional structure on the interior and boasts a distinctive minaret, setting it apart from others. The minaret takes the form of a circular cylinder, culminating in a spherical peak. Ascending to the summit is facilitated by a spiral ladder, and a door grants access to the mosque's roof, providing visitors with the opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding fields, hilly slopes, and mountains.

Historically, this locale was renowned for its orchards. It is said that Hazrat Ali (RA) performed official tasks in this area. The mosque is a site where pilgrims are inclined to visit, offering two rakat nafl prayers and connecting with the cultural and historical significance embedded in its surroundings.

Mosque Alkou

It is believed that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) stood at this location upon his arrival in Taif, giving rise to its alternative name, the Stop Mosque. According to tradition, he leaned on a stone at this spot, leading to the name "Al-Kou'," which means "elbow". Al-Kou' is a mosque of modest size, measuring eight meters in length and seven meters in width. Its square-shaped roof stands at a height of three meters, overlooking a spacious open yard of approximately seven square meters. The southern section features an entrance adorned with an arch.

Mosque Abdullah Ibn Abbas

The Abdullah Ibn Abbas Mosque in Taif stands in close proximity to the burial site of the esteemed companion of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Abdullah Ibn Abbas (RA). As a paternal cousin of the Prophet, Abdullah Ibn Abbas is highly esteemed among Muslims for his profound knowledge. Renowned for his expertise in Tafsir (Quranic exegesis) and authority on the Islamic Sunnah (the practices of the Prophet), he holds a special place in the hearts of the Muslim community.


Miqat literally translates to "a stated place or time". It signifies the boundary for pilgrimage at the outskirts of Makkah, and as a pilgrim, it is the last point where you can complete your "ihram" before entering the city and beginning the "pilgrimage rites". 

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